June 1st Catagory Most Recent Info
279 Weight in Pounds 268
254 Blood Sugar 228
185/95 Blood Pressure 107/70
196 LDL Cholesterol No Update
554 estimated Triglycerides 554
Fattyboombalatty No More

Welcome to my tumbler. On Jun 1st 2012 I will be starting a radical life change. No surgery, no fads, none of that. I am a Fattyboombalatty and will be no more! I am a type II diabetic but I do not have insulin resistance, I have a failing pancreases. My regular meds are no longer effective and if I go on insulin I lose my job. Since January 2007 I have had four minor cardiac episodes, which is a polite way of saying wakeup call heart attacks. I have several emerging health problems that I really would like to be rid of. I will not be here to see my daughter graduate high school the way I am going. I will not make my thirtieth wedding anniversary the way I am going. I will be 47 in September; I will not make 50 the way I am going. I am keeping my methods a secret for now but will be posting my progress no less than weekly, often daily. Please follow this and celebrate with me in this victory, it has to be because failure is no longer an option.

Day 18 of the new 90

Well I am up and moving more than I was. Still can not reach over head or do anything strenuous. I am determined to be back on the bike exercising and finishing my painting work and such by this weekend. Danette made me a fantastic birthday dinner yesterday that was nummy and nutritionally balanced so I am still on track.

Anonymous asked:

Some days ... yes, it does seem like there are "Fat Faries" out to get you! Love ya ... stay postive!!!

Thanks, the encouragement is appreciated muchly

Day 6 of the New 90

OK, I see why she did not want me to drive today. My head and neck are killing me and the throbbing in my skull is intense!!! Still made good choices, boiled eggs for breakfast, 6oz steak and salad for lunch, squash melon corn and beans for dinner. Took in fewer calories than normal because i spent all day on my rear or in bed and feel pretty good about it. No diet coke or make you fat carbs, and very low fat day.

Day 5 of the New 90

is there a secret army of keep you fat fairies out there who cause maniacal happenstance in your life that derails your attempts to live better. I was in an accident in my bus today. the doctor does not want me to drive for the next two day. She also does not want me to exert myself for at least two to three weeks. that means no riding my bike to work or beneficial exercise. I should be grateful that i nor any one else on the bus was seriously hurt but i am very frustrated by this.

Day 2 of a New 90

Well my 90 days are up. Despite two major set backs I did move forward a bit. The worst part is that I let the second set back really set me back. Like any junkie I went back to my crack, diet Coke in this case but I have stayed off the energy drinks. I stopped riding my bike when the summer session ended and should have kept going, I now have to basically start over when school starts on Wednesday. So here is a recap.

  • My weight is down 10lbs, 15lds short of my goal but still a move forward.
  • My blood pressure is way down on average but the bad days are really bad.
  • Blood sugar is holding around 200, a drop but still about 50 pts shy of the goal.
  • still no update on the Triglycerides or LTL.

So yes, I am disappointed in how poorly I did. The first set back was not my fault and only set me back a few days. The second was my poor choices and set me back a few weeks and loss of goals previously achieved. While I did move forward I now know I have much to work on and overcome. Please follow me on a New 90!!!

Day 66 of 90

I am REALY HAPPY, my blood sugars have been below 200 for three straight days. I have not changed the stats because these things can ebb and flow so i will wait until it is a whole week then i will change the stats. The bike thing is going good, still have the two hills I have to walk on the way to work but I can get up all but three on the way home. Not getting faster but that’s OK its been less than a month, I actually expected to get worse before better so I am doing well in my opinion.

Day 57 of 90

OUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! The ride to work was fine but the ride home was altogether a different experience.Had to stop five times and walk. It took so long that Danette had to call me to see if I wanted her to come and get me. I made it though, all the way on my own. My legs feel like a fire ant invasion has taken place but I got back on it and rode to work again today which means i will be riding home tonight. Was planning to ride the western trail tomorrow but think i better take it easy. It took me almost an hour today but i only stopped twice, same hills as yesterday. By the time i got to work the legs didn’t hurt as much so that’s a positive. Thanks for supporting my efforts and being my friends. “Failure is not an Option!”

Day 56 of 90

First day riding my bike to work, five miles each way. Took 45 minutes and had to stop and walk uphill twice but I am not unhappy. Took longer than i want, it takes 15 minutes to drive it and i want to ride it in 30. I know I will get there. Once I get the time down then I can work on getting up those hills. All this was just to work, I still have to make the trek home in heavy traffic, that’s a bit concerning. The upside, the longer it takes the more calories I will be burning.

Day 51 of 90 day 3 of the restart

Feeling really good today. The new medications are doing well so far. Still have some discomfort in my innards from them but that usually takes about two weeks to pass. Some new stats are posted, nothing major but I am under 270 lbs for the first time in many years so the outlook is very positive.